Educational Seminars

Marine Systems Training Center 

As part of the Maine Marine Trade Association, the Marine Systems Training Center focuses on the continued education for those already in marine trades. The two-day seminar, spearheaded by MMR and circumnavigator Bruce Schwab, delves into rigging theory, advanced splicing techniques, and helps to facilitate a common language along the coast. The collaborative atmosphere provides a great place for attendees to ask questions and improve the quality of their work.

The Landing School 

To help supplement the Marine Systems Program at The Landing School, we have given day-long educational seminars for the past several years. After a general introduction to standing and running rigging, the seminar discusses such topics as techniques for stepping and unstepping masts, how to conduct a rig inspection, splicing directions, and other pertinent subjects. At the end of the seminar, the students are well-equipped and versed in the finer points of a sailboat’s rig.