Mega-Yacht Rigging


When Hodgdon Yachts needed an outfit to provide the rigging on the Bruce King designed 124′ sloop, we were chosen to handle their rigging needs. With the masthead standing over 170′ above the water, the project truly was of an enormous proportion (the rod used for the lower shrouds had a 220,000 breaking strength, and the smallest diameter halyard, for the spinnaker, was 5/8″ thick). Living up to the boatbuilder’s impeccable standards meant using only the finest products on the market and everything we provided was of the highest quality. To date, this project still stands as one of the largest endeavors undertaken in company history.


During 2015, the 154′ ketch Asolare came to Boothbay Harbor for a brief refit. We were involved in unstepping the mizzen mast and removing the main and mizzen booms. Once the booms were off, we were able to replace damaged sections of aluminum extrusions. With that work done and some other details sorted out, we helped step the new mizzen mast and got her ready to set sail once again.