Museum Quality Restoration & Preservation

Marilee, New York 40

When French-Webb started the second phase of a two-year refit on the 1926 New York 40, they asked us to provide the standing and running rigging for the new Marconi rig. The plan called for keeping the existing fork-to-fork bronze turnbuckles to easily facilitate switching from the gaff to the Marconi mast. With that in mind, Hi-Mod mechanical fittings were used to terminate the lower ends of the shrouds, providing a more traditional look. For the running rigging, Marlow Ropes braided custom lengths of rope to make sure the new lines didn’t look out of place.

Water Witch

In 1992, the one-design Idem named Water Witch was taken off exhibit at the Adirondack Museum and an extensive restoration project began. Eight years later, the boat, originally designed by Clinton Crane in 1899, was almost ready to be put back on display. We were contacted about replacing the standing and running rigging with more traditional elements to replace the assortment of gear that the boat had accumulated in its activity. Galvanized plough steel wire was hand-spliced for the standing rigging and traditional three-strand rope was used with flexible wire rope for the running rigging. Water Witch can still be seen today in the museum looking as elegant as it did over a hundred years ago.